Monday, July 31, 2006

beloved E3 changed

Today, the entertainment software association, the company that hosts E3 reported the event becoming a quiter, mini conferences show rather than a mega show with booth babes and everything the average gamer (that usually cant even go to e3) loves. And EA even reported it was going to be held in July now, still in LA but, this one American gaming symbol practically is changing.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Because WinRAR, the extracting .rar and many other popular formats, won Best Overall Utility from SIAF. They have announced they will give single-user licenses out for WinRAR. So be sure to download on Sunday July 30th 2006. You can download at

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Gears of War: Viral Advertising

Gears of War has begun to send users name MFenix, named after the games main character Marcus Fenix. They send these users into IGN message boards and they say things about the game. But, the more important thing is that some users have begun to recieve messages from MFenix on Xbox Live. The message is shown in the picture

Microsoft Finally Confirms "iPod Killer"

Well, we can also stop calling it the iPod killer because Redmond based Microsoft said they will start hardware and software services for music and they will be called Zune. I think Zune is a horrible name for anything nonetheless, a product that is trying to bring down the most popular technology item right now(iPod). Zune may also include a better music purchasing program using there partnership with MTV. To bring down the heavy leader, iTunes, they will need to make a very user-friendly program and give something more than just music. But, i still say that they can not bring down iTunes with its popularity and its lead in the market already. But this "Zune" project may also ruin succesful ties that Microsoft carries with Creative and Samsung. This could really help Microsoft gain more power in the livingroom and places other than just the computer.


This is hardly important or meaningful. Its just cool. If you ever hated a website you can virtually destroy it, to put yourself to ease. Go HERE!! and type in the URL, your method of destruction and watch the site be fictionally destoryed.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lately, some of you have noticed on Netscape's homepage the digg resembelance. They do the same thing digg does calls them something stupid and does it with news stories. Its horribly stupid, even with all the digg clones coming out. But, they also got hacked for it. At 4 A.M. today, someone hacked there page and when you went to it you recieved a popup saying things like you suck, hi digg users and other some profanity. But, i loved it

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nintendo sales predictions

Nintendo's sales predictions for the Wii mainly were released on there server and give a great deal of information about the inner workings of the company. They said that they expect to sell 6 million Wii units by March 2007. And 17 software titles for it. In my opinion this seems like a good number for the Wii. Most average consoles sell about 6 million units in the first 5 months of their life. This may be a little less because the gaming community has grown and they may run short nearing the end of 2006.

[original article]

Thermaltake's new case pictures

Thermaltake has been recently talking about releasing a case with space for basically two different PC's. A MiniATX and a full. This is beggining to shape up to be a great case option. If you love running two OS's or just a space saver for people with two machines.


Windows Vista Free Games Announced

Today Microsoft announced the free games that will be bundled with there Windows Vista OS. There will be nine games that include the classics like solitaire, free cell, spider solitaire, hearts, minesweeper. They are also introducing chess titans, mahjong titans, purble place, and inkball. We all know that everyone always loves all Microsoft bundled games but, really I do want to see the new games. Here are some screenshots via My favorite game has to be Minesweeper at its biggest size wiht only 10 bombs =D.

Chess Titans

Mahjong Titans

Purble Place

Ink Ball

Monday, July 24, 2006

Air Video Screen , Hi Princess Leia

Copyright KRON News

i think this is amazing. if it was cheaper i would love to have it but, i do see that the image looks a little blurry and weird because you can see the air moving in the back. But still is a great advancement to what one day could be used by everyone

YouTube Getting Sued

The story is basically that Robert Tur, of the Los Angeles News, is sueing YouTube for allowing its users to upload videos that have some copyrights on them and personally attacking YouTube for hosting a video of a trucker being beaten up. YouTube, is a free service that lets you upload your videos onto there servers and allows you to play and send links to a flash player with your video. If a site is doing this kind of free service and in there EULA they mention specifically not being responsible for any copyright infringement. I dont think that Robert Tur is justified to sue. I doubt he is being personally affected by losing money or anything on a video that is very old. Just another example of people taking advantage of free services.


COME ON. I watched Tech TV when they first showed Kevin Rose. And when the evil company that we know as, G4. Bought the beloved TechTV. I was not expecting the change and mutliation to the station that occured there on after. Chris Pirillo recently posted on his blog. His efforts to reunite the crew for TechTV and an idea for a flash based streaming of the show. This was all just ideas but i do wish it was reality. =(((


Hi, this is my first post on this blog. Sorry for the delay to get it up but, I hope to be updating it frequently so be sure to check it out, often. And to check out the podcast that comes out every weekend. We are on and off with vidcasts but we do realease audio casts that discuss technology, games and review games. We have a website at You can also get the BHGF forums from there which are the official ROTPOD forums. OH and by the way ROTPOD stands for Revenge of the Podcast. And if you want to contact me email me at or instant messege me on AIM at fakeheadline. I'm pretty much always at the computer unless, podcasting.XD. I also like mostly indie music so talk to me about that. Ill post later, bye