Thursday, July 27, 2006

Microsoft Finally Confirms "iPod Killer"

Well, we can also stop calling it the iPod killer because Redmond based Microsoft said they will start hardware and software services for music and they will be called Zune. I think Zune is a horrible name for anything nonetheless, a product that is trying to bring down the most popular technology item right now(iPod). Zune may also include a better music purchasing program using there partnership with MTV. To bring down the heavy leader, iTunes, they will need to make a very user-friendly program and give something more than just music. But, i still say that they can not bring down iTunes with its popularity and its lead in the market already. But this "Zune" project may also ruin succesful ties that Microsoft carries with Creative and Samsung. This could really help Microsoft gain more power in the livingroom and places other than just the computer.


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