Monday, July 24, 2006

YouTube Getting Sued

The story is basically that Robert Tur, of the Los Angeles News, is sueing YouTube for allowing its users to upload videos that have some copyrights on them and personally attacking YouTube for hosting a video of a trucker being beaten up. YouTube, is a free service that lets you upload your videos onto there servers and allows you to play and send links to a flash player with your video. If a site is doing this kind of free service and in there EULA they mention specifically not being responsible for any copyright infringement. I dont think that Robert Tur is justified to sue. I doubt he is being personally affected by losing money or anything on a video that is very old. Just another example of people taking advantage of free services.


Anonymous theTORCH said...

Internet law is and has always been very ambiguous, especially that which falls under U.S. jurisdiction. So, although YouTube claims that they are not responsible for any material that is uploaded, they may not have the legal right to claim that.

With that said, it is a stupid lawsuit and someone should take the guy out and shoot him for being such a dick...

After all, there's no question that he's just doing this for the money, not because he feels that his rights have been affronted.

5:52 PM  
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