Thursday, August 03, 2006

PS3 Flop or Not?

Lately, there has been a lot of bad news for the PS3 and its price, and basically anything Sony is doing right now. And now the Wii60 movement going around the internet and this could be really hurting PS3. But, I still have faith in the PS3. I'm not a Microsoft Fan Boy, or a Sony Fan Boy. Paticularly I like everything that Nintendo does but, I also believe that Sony's PS3 will be better than 360 and in many aspects the Wii. And here is why.
  • People believe that the PS3 is overpriced. But, I do strongly disagree with that because the PS3 isn't. The PS3 has bluetooth and Wifi built in which the 360 did not have. So if i bought the 360 and there REALLY over-priced Wifi adapter, I could buy a PS3. And if you bought the PS3 at that price you were also getting a wireless controller at the lower price and a lot more functionality then the Xbox 360 at its lower price. The PS3 may seem over-priced because it is hard to spend that much on a gaming console but, there is a lot of technology that people buy that is much less useful that is almost nearly expensive. Like the iPod, or a Blu-ray player which is going for $800+ right now. So, The Ps3 may seem overpriced to the average human but, there is also a lot of value on it and PS3 is losing more on it than Microsoft did on the 360. And the consumer could easily buy it because even some plasma T.V.'s go out a stock showing consumer power to buy high-priced technology items. I think Sony's hard job is making the average person realize that it is more than just a video game machine.
  • The PS3's Blu-Ray format. This could be a big hit or miss on Sony's part. They have failed in making mediums before i.e. UMD, Mini-Discs, and some more. But, I think the Blu-Ray is different. The DVD has reached the ends of its age now and with everyone wanting everything in H.D. there needs to be more room on these discs. The HD DVD is less superior and I hardly know anyone that has a player or even movies that come on out HD DVD. BUt, Sony's Blu-Ray already seems to have support from movie makers eventhough, many of the players aren't out. And those who say that who is going to pay 800 for a Blu-Ray player, They have to remember when DVD players alone were 1000 dollars and then they began to get cheap and replace VHS. The two probelems I see Sony facing is that they may not get enough players out fast enough and the consumer might not realize the immense differences from two discs that look almost exactly the same. The VHS and the DVD looked really different and this helped the average joe realize the difference but, now the two different mediums with very different tech specs look physically alike.
  • Now here is the negative stuff that I can't defend. PS3 seems to be losing major launch titles like Tekken, Devil May Cry, Killzone and some others. Launch titles should be a major concern for Sony because they need the consumer confidence of good games early on if they want to make big sales. If they don't have good launch titels. People won't think to go and spend 500-600 dollars on a console with no good games. I think Killzone being gone, is a really bad mistake for Sony because many people saw its trailer and were looking forward to it. And it could of been the shooter to challenge Gears of War and all of Microsofts second gen games. But, this lose could decide many things.
  • Another major challenge in PS3's face is the fact that the Wii is coming out around the same time and most likely earlier. Making the PS3 the last competitor onto the scene. This is also the same set up that happened with DS and PSP. The PSP was way stronger than the DS but didnt have the gimmicks and the originality of the DS and look what happened. The DS is the best selling system week after week and the PSP sells less than PS2 a week. This is the same with Wii and PS3. The PS3 is clearly more powerful and does many more things than just gaming but the Wii has its gimmicks and 20+ years of titles right in the Virtual console and its motion sensing controller. And its cheaper.
Thats my PS3 round up so far. But, I think the Wii is going to come up ahead with all the games that Wii already has and its controller and all the orginality that it brings. I think the Wii will come out on top of PS3, 360 and by a lot. The 360 as far as im concerned is a Dreamcast. But, maybe if PS3 plays its cards right, It can end up becoming a hit and leaving Sony still at the top of Gaming


Blogger Pat said...

It's not that the PS3 is overpriced for a bluray player/dvd player/wifi/blutooth computer system. It's that it's overpriced for a Gaming system. Since the focus lies mainly on gaming, it doesnt seem right that it has taken a backseat to the other features. IMO, the 360 was also overpriced, especially since an extra $100 was tacked on with an HDD.

Towards what you said about the psp/ds war, that was less about timing and more abut software, which the PS3 might have a problem with also. They have some good looking titles, but their release lineup, although large, is lacking the promise of great software. This belief that people will flock to them because of their hardware moreso than because of their software may hurt them.

That's my two cents. Good post!

9:04 PM  

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